Friday, December 30, 2011

Earth Turning Faster? This Wonderful Season Is Almost Over!

Happy New Year!

Can you believe the Holiday season is almost over and I have not blogged since early December?.  Where did time go?  Someone please inform me.  Have I been Clowning around trying to hold weights that I should have just let go and concentrated on my blog and the finer things of life?

When I started this blog almost a year ago I had huge hopes such as, by this time of year I was going to have at least 5,037 followers and 3,049 comments. 

 My vision of having a love affair with my blog and followers because I had so much to inform you of from dollhouse miniatures, tutorials on everything including exercise, sex, death, cooking, love, marriage, babies, recipes and my vision was to make it fun and exciting to everyone to the point of jumping out of bed every morning, writing new blogs, reading my comments, responding to all.  And of course, hiring my own staff to present to me new ideas for everything under the sun that may be interesting to everyone from ages one to 111 (or more) from here to eternity was the ultimate vision. 

 Readers were going to be sharing my blog with everyone.  What a vision! 

My plan for 2012 is to put on a new pair of shoes, stop clowning around and start from the beginning to see if I can make this blog more of what I envisioned.  When love affairs do not meet our expections, somehow, we must try again and try to make it.

Thanks to all of you following my blog and thanks to you readers who have stuck with me from the beginning!  But, do you really care that I rode a bicycle down the street today for the time in forty years?  Or walked six miles yesterday?  Or had one of the most beautiful Christmas Season I've ever had?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving, December, Christmas, Friends and Family!

When we returned home from our second trip we were so thrilled to have our grandsons visit for a week.  In the picture to the right we are on a beautiful walkway near our home looking for bugs for our five year old grandson along with our two year old grandson.   It was one of the most beautiful days.  Fall is absolutely gorgeous. Changing colors of the leaves is amazing.  Oh my!  My!

Happy to be back walking and blogging again.  I've traveled over eight thousand miles by car during the last two months and there is nothing like home sweet home.  Although it was great to visit family and friends, it was not a happy occasion.  I took a lot of time creating and making dresses while my husband drove.  He drove during the day and we spent night in hotels.  The hotels were perfect for creating an instant workshop.  It was fun.

We were back from our trip in time to Celebrate Thanksgiving with family.  My favorite daughter and son did a great job preparing all the delicious food including homemade every thing;  turkey and stuffing with all the trimmings, cakes, pies and lots of love.  Didn't know my favorite daughter could make a pecan pie like the one below.  Beautiful and double delicious.  The Hot Water Corn Bread was a blast from the past.  Want some of these yum yum recipes?

Hope everyone had a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgivingwith many more wonderful years to come.

Now, after enjoying all the great foods, we needed to somehow work it off.  So we talked a lot, walked back and forth to the food table a lot and had lots of fun.  The next day I made mini dresses and went for a long walk.  Good health is at the top of my list as I celebrate living this Christmas Holiday Season, but I must have chocolate this and chocolate that.  I love candid yams and must have them too.  I'll do every thing  I can to be safe with my weight and issues.  Exercise, exercise and exercise is the key.  Hope I don't loose the key like I do with my car keys.  Let's try to stay focused and stay slim.  These cute dress will look great on you at the New Year's party.

Thanks to all of you for reading my blog.  Sorry I had to go away and now that I'm back I hope to bring you lots of pictures and inspiration to enjoy your life and celebrate living the best you can with what you have.  May God continue to Bless all of you.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Season Of Deaths & Dying

October started as a season of deaths and dying in my favorite husband's family, therefore, I've traveled about four thousand miles since my last blog by car and walked only thirty.   Still more to cover by car and lots of miles to walk, but I wanted my blog readers to know that I am still here and will continue to post on my blog when the grieving period is over.

Please wait for me and say lots of prayers and send lots of hugs and kisses my way. 
Thank you!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bye-Bye Summer! Romance! Love Affair! Marriage! New Baby! New Hobby!

So happy that I came out of the closet to Celebrate Living!  This summer went really fast.  Spent fun times with my grandsons.  Of course, they are the smartest and cutest grand kids and they give the best hugs and kisses.

Bye Bye Summer! This lovely picture of my oldest grandson taken a few weeks ago at Knotts Berry Farm remind me of saying good-bye to my sweet romance with Summer.  After my wild love affair with Spring, which is my favorite time of year, I thought I had had the highest level of fun until next year.  But, this summer was one of the best!  Now I'm looking forward to my long marriage with Autumn which started last Friday, to see how much fun it is going to be (usually my worst time of year).  Maybe this  Autumn will be as much fun as making a New Baby. 
The joy of making dollhouse miniatures always feel like discovering a New Hobby each day!  There are so many mini things to see and make.  I think I have enough projects to last about three life times.                                                                            Thanks to all of you for viewing my blog and cheering me on as I celebrate living.  I need all the help I can get to continue to move forward out of the closet into the next chapter of my life.  The month of October is only a few days away and since it is recognized as Breast Cancer month,  I ask that all of you will take a few moments to think about survivors, early detection, mammogram, a cure and mostly about taking care yourself.  Male or female, cancer is not gender friendly.  Also, during the month of October, call, send a card or e-mail a survivor and let him/her know you care and please make a comment on my blog and let me know you care that I'm a cancer survivor. 
 Thank You Kindly.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 33! Featuring Jean Day Was Too Great To Move On! New Miniatures!

Featuring Jean Day for almost five weeks was great because I received lots of e-mails thanking me for featuring her work including the AIM magazine.  Thank you Jean!

In the meantime I haven't climbed any mountains or walked tons of miles getting ready for a marathon.  Just doing my hour a day walking and riding my stationary bike between making dollhouse dresses, reading and having fun with my grandsons.  Also eating lots of great summer foods.  Will start sharing recipes with you that I've collected over the years.  I am also a creative cook.

These pictures are just a few of the miniature clothes I've been making that's given me joy over the last few weeks and I've also been reading lots of interesting books to increase my knowledge of making dollhouse period clothing.  Victorian doll clothes are in demand.  I'm learning how to make them. 

Life is interesting and there are lots of things to learn, lots of people to meet.  Books, books and more books to read.  WOW!

Thanks to all of you for your e-mails and following my blog.  Just knowing that you are somewhere in this universe encouraging me to do my best is fantastic!  Hugs to all of you.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 28! Featuring Jean Day Miniatures

My Photo
Jean Day

About Jean Day:

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
 Miniatures has been a full time job for the last 30 years. My wonderful husband John helps so much with our business. I am also an artist, specializing in watercolours and enjoy many fabric arts. B.F.A and B.Ed. John and I both enjoy being on the editorial team of AIM magazine. I really love working on the Gallery, Smaller Scales and formatting. It is a free on line magazine you might enjoy. I keep very busy with gardening too.
When Jean agreed to my request to feature her on my blog this week, I was really excited, but after doing some research I found so many great things about her, I really didn't know where to start writing so I did the simple thing, I asked her to give me some ideas on what to write about and she said, "Just write about what impresses you the most."  Well, that would take months of writing so I will highlight starting with an article featuring Jean in the Dollhouse Miniatures magazine, September 2004, which talks about Jean Day Makes Her Mark In History, where a national museum exhibit showcases her doll making skills.  The exhibit was so successful it ran from March 2000 until September 2003 and was so popular it was extended for six months.  Please click on the link below to see the magazine and read the article along with other great articles:

Jean is also the a member of the AIM Magazine's Editorial Team.  Click on the link to see inside this fantastic miniature lovers magazine:
As we know, pictures are wonderful to help tell a story, therefore, since there is so much of what Jean has done in miniatures over the last 30 years, I'll provide some links for you to click on see what Jean does to enjoy her life with miniatures.

This link will take you to her miniature tutorials:

Yvonne and Janine, French Postcard Photo Scan Digital Download FrA016 This link takes you to her Esty store where lots of beautiful work is displayed for purchase:

What is life without eBay?  Click on this link to see more of her work for purchase. image

Click on this link to see if you are as surprised as I was:

Well, this link tells more about this great lady of miniatures:
If you click on the links I've listed, yes, you will be amazed at what one person can do  with the gift of creativity.  You may also search Google for Jean Day Miniatures to find out more about this extraordinary lady, but be prepared to find about four million results. 
Another thing that impresses me the most, the name Jean is also part of my birth name! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 27! Dollhouse Miniatures Grandsons and Life Events!

 Where does time go?  It doesn't go backward or does it?  What is good timing and what is bad timing?  Week 27 is here already and I am not ready.  Ready for what?  What would I do differently if I could to back to Week 1?  One thing for sure, keep a journal.  Blogging is great, but since I don't blog every day, many days of my Journey To Celebrating Life can soon become vague memories. 

My two grandsons are spending the week at "Grandma's House" which started yesterday and we are having a blast!  The weather is hot and we don't have a backyard pool so I created one today using a large plastic storage container.  Kids are non judgemental, creative and so much fun.  They thought grandma had made a special little pool just for them, which reminded me of a joke I read.  The comedian said, "I grew up poor, so if there is an economic collapse I'll just feel young again."  I grew up poor too.  Let us pray for economic recovery although it would be nice to feel young again.

Last week I walked almost every day for at least an hour, all uphill.  LOL.  Doctor's orders.  I'm feeling better, although walking my first marathon at the Long Beach Marathon in October is only a dream and thanks to my friend Yolanda aka Walking Diva, who encouraged and walked with me for several weeks to start my journey to celebrating life, walking has become my daily routine.  She also encouraged me to start blogging.  Please click on the Walking Diva link to read Yolanda's encouraging blog about her amazing journey to the Guinness World Record.

Dollhouse Miniatures and creativity.  My creative juices have been flowing for the last few weeks.  I've come up with a new Mark Collection;  Relax After Work wardrobe as shown in the picture above.  Christmas in July is on eBay.  Please take a look at my eBay items by clicking on this link:

When I finished a dress today and took it to show my #1 Critic (Papa), my 4 year old grandson immediately ran to touch the dress and Papa said, "No! Don't touch!"  "Grandma, will you make me a boy dress, please?" he asked.  "Oh, I mean a shirt."  Wallah!  You guessed it, I made a miniature shirt for grandson and a new collection of boy's clothing is running around in my head as I write, waiting to be birthed.

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for your support as I travel this Journey to Celebrate Life.  Today I made a big step and wore a swimsuit in the backyard.  I didn't even care that one breast and arm was bigger than the other.  I had fun with my grandsons.  I've also made progress with the book I'm writing, although I've changed the title a hundred and two times.

 Thank you God! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh No! My Journey To Celebrating Life Is Not Ending! Just Changing Directions...

Making these Jared Collection suits can bring so much joy from taking a simple piece of fabric, like taking a blank canvas and turning it into something beautiful.  It amazes me every time one is completed.  The above painting also amazed me.  I've never had formal painting lessons so when I finished this little painting I thought it was a really nice little job and put it up for sale and my confirmation was that it sold immediately!  

Speaking of cool, it is so hot in my part of the country that training for a marathon is out of the question and when I saw my doctor last week he was not happy that I am training for a marathon, again.  A few years ago when I was training for a Hawaii marathon, I twisted my ankle and ended up on a walking cane.  He gave me a good talking to about my health issues and that I should keep my walking to a max of one hour per day 5 days a week.  So, when I saw him last week for a routine visit I was not going to tell him about training again for my first marathon.  My mistake,  hubby went with me. And there was a communications breakdown.  My test for diabetes was higher than we expected it to be so the conversation went something like this, "Are you exercising?" asked my doctor.  My husband was so proud he quickly responded, "Oh yes, I'm training her to walk a marathon in October."  I just sat on the the edge of the exam table giving hubby the I can't believe you said that surprised look.  My answer was simply going to be "Yes." period!  Anyway, my doctor gave me the I can't believe you are doing this surprised look.  Then I went into my mumble jumble of "what other people are doing and the challenges/obstacles they are overcoming by walking marathons" and my doctor of 11 years said,
 "My dear Felma, you were born an original, please don't die a copy."

Thanks again for all of your supportive e-mails and for reading my blog.  Please keep reading.  Sometimes I post very interesting miniatures and tell great stories. 

Miniature curtains, sofa, pillow and floral arragnements made by Felma. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 23! Weddings, Walking and Miniatures!

Week 23 is here already! Week 22 quickly passed on by me and ended with a beautiful wedding.  Today I received an invitation to another wedding.  Great inspiration for wedding gowns. 

Walking is going downhill.  Yes, it should be going uphill, but I'm working on it. 

Grandsons were here for a surprise visit last week for a couple of days and we had tons of fun.  Still can't believe I have two of them.

Dollhouse Miniature suit to the right is one of my latest Jared Collection.  I thank God for this creative talent of making miniatures and for giving me this opportunity to share what I do with you. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 21 Awesome Walking Wedding Miniature Suit

Week 21!  Time is flying and I am feeling great, well mostly.  I will be missing my annual Family Reunion, but it is awesome that I will attend a real wedding this Saturday!  I have made lots of miniature wedding dresses and gowns, but a real wedding is like a treat.  This will be my first since my favorite daughter got married five and a half years ago.

Had an awesome walking experience on Monday.  Was hiking up the mountain with my husband when we met two hikers who were coming back from the "mines" and insisted that we take the trail to the mines and we did.  One of the hikers reached into her backpack and took out a yellow "note it" pad and gave it to us to stick to rocks and trees on our way in to help guide us on our way out!  Whew!  It was an adventure although we didn't quite make it to the mines because when the trail got smaller and smaller and the trees looked like giants looming overhead and I couldn't see the sky, I was so scared I wanted to turn back and we did.

Suit in above picture was made by me.  This is the size of most of my dollhouse miniature clothes at one inch to one foot scale.  Therefore, when I make a little girl's dress like the cute one in the picture it is about half this size.  Yes, they are small and fun to make.

As always, thanks to all of you for reading my blog and sending encouraging e-mails.  I couldn't do this without you.  Love to all.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 20! Oprah Blues! Doll House Love! Miniatures! Walking & Zumba!

Oprah Blues!  After 25 years, Oprah, one of my best friends, is leaving me to start another chapter in her life and she didn't even mention my name on any of her shows!  She only mentioned some of the things I was struggling with.  When I saw her last show the tears were flowing as she acknowledged God in a way that was so powerful, it confirmed what I knew all along, that she believes in the same God I believe in.  I'm better now.  Thank you Lord!

A Doll House has been sitting around looking at me for a while and thanks to The Oprah Magazine's Living Your Best Life,  I am decorating a Doll House to give to a little girl.  I will put all the love I can into decorating this little house and I'll post pictures as I go.

In the meantime, making dollhouse miniatures, walking, Zumba and Grandsons will help me continue with another chapter of My Journey to Celebrating Life!

The cute miniature beaded dress and purse in picture was made by me.  My thanks to God for the wisdom to recognize and take advantage of the creative quality He gave me.  According to the Scriptures below, creative qualities are a part of all of us. 
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Genesis 1:1
So God created mankind in his own image,
   in the image of God he created them;
   male and female he created them
Genesis 1:27

Thank you again for following my blog.  Words of inspiration are always appreciated.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 19! Pain, Pain & More Pain! Depressed? Look at The Miniature Doll!

Study this beautiful dollhouse miniature doll in the picture for a moment.  Notice the sad expression on her lovely face. Is she going on a trip?  Nice luggage.  Well, she looks exactly how I've felt all week.  I miss my grandsons and I think I must have pulled a few muscles at the end of week 18.  We finally made it to top of mountain with boys in tow, but I'm still feeling physical pain. 

Depressed?  Grandma is having withdrawal pains after loving it up with my boys for almost a week.  I don't feel like walking or dancing.  I've only walked  one day this week.  I'm sad that Arnold hurt Maria.  I feel her pain.  My heart and prayers are constantly going out to the tornado victims and all the other victims I hear or read about this week.  Misery does love company.  But as of today,  I'm cutting back on watching all the breaking news and I'm leaving my miserable company.  I'll get rid of this pain and get on with my journey to celebrating life! 

Thanks to all of you encouraging me to move forward.  I am really grateful.

Doll by Yolanda Laracunte-Romero.  Elegant hat by Felma.  Luggage unknown.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week 18! Weather Is Not Cooperative! Shut In! Time To Reflect: Willie Wiswell!

If I had control over the weather, week 18 would've started differently.  My two grandsons are visiting for a few days and it is cold, windy and raining and they want to go hiking in the mountains. I'm not ready for that yet.  We managed a short walk yesterday.  Had to turn back when my four year old was hit by a gust of wind and loudly announced, "I'm having a bad day!" We have played games, trains, cars and karoke to our heart's content. 

I've taken advantage of my shut-in as a time to reflect.  The picture above is my miniature friend Willodean (Willie) Wiswell and me.  The first time I attended a miniature club meeting, Willie invited me to dinner along with some friends.  We had a great time!  On another occasion Willie invited me to her home for lunch and a tour of her miniature collection.  A Huge Collection of fine miniatures!  During lunch she informed me that she needed a liver transplant and without it her doctor "predicted" about 18 months of survival.  We were having lunch at month 19 and she looked great and said she felt great. Due to her age, Willie said she was way down on the transplant list, but stated that it was not going to stop her from enjoying the rest of her life to the fullest, and she did.  She lived a few more years.   Willie found goodness in everything.  I miss her.  Read her obituary by clicking on the link below or google her name to learn more about this great a lady.

"Where do you find goodness when recession hits, when you lose your job, your home, when things seem to fall apart around you?  In all the things we tend to overlook:  feeling the gentle breeze on your skin, the sunlight filtering through the clouds, the sound of the rain, the wagging tail of a dog, the shiny apple you are about to bite into.  You notice the in-and-out flow of your breath, the feeling of aliveness inside your body.  And then there is the beautiful stillness behind it all, which is deep within you.  It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up."  Eckhart Tolle

My husband lost his job a year and a half ago when the recession hit.  Complications dealing with the long term side effects of breast cancer surgery has not been easy, but, as Willie, I find goodness in my miniature hobby along with hugs and kisses from my grandsons, just to name a few.  I am grateful.  Thank you God.

Thanks to all of you for reading my blog and Love To All.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 17! Zumba Class - Walking! Still Hanging In There!

It makes my day when I get a surprise visit from my grandsons, but sometimes this one in the picture at 18 months can be a challenge.  He knows he can take advantage of grandma's weakness, kindness, love or whatever you want to call it.  He sneaks a bag of cookies from the kitchen pantry and when I find him in the living room eating them, "Give it to grandma!" I demand.  He licks his tongue out at me with the cutest smile I've ever seen!  What was I supposed to do?  All I could do was grab my handy dandy camera and take his picture.  Children are so much fun to watch and entertain because you never know what to expect.  On a hot day last week, I decided to take him along in his stroller so I pulled off his shoes and socks, gave him a bottle of water and a few snacks to enjoy during his ride and the next thing I know he is snoring really, really loud.  I locked the wheels on the stroller and just stood there looking down at him with his legs propped up on the side of stroller, praying that throughout his life there would be lots of days like this, so relaxed, so trusting, so loved.  Thank You God.
“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” - Psalm 139:13-14

Week 16 ended with a very nice Mother's Day luncheon with my favorite daughter.  I went to my Zumba class or walked every day during the week and must say that I feel wonderful.  Looking forward to my first marathon in October.  Please keep the encouraging e-mails and phone calls coming.  Again, thanks to all of you for your support.  Love To All.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week 16! Having Fun Making Miniatures! Ready For Mother's Day Celebration!

Week 16 started with Zumba.  Loving it!  Climbing Mountains.  Loving it!
Making Miniatures.  Loving it!  The above pictures show the gown I made using  gowns Janyce made as inspiration.  The gowns shown in background are some of Janyce's first and she did a great job!  Thank you Janyce for the birthday gift.  You can view the gowns I've  made and put up for auction on eBay by clicking on the link below: 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you great mothers in the world!  Hope your day is as beautiful as you are.  Enjoy your day.  Love To All.

Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.  Genesis 3:20 NIV

Thank you God!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 15! Climbed The Mountain! Stepped on Scales With "No Fear" " I Ate It Up!"

Please click on the link below to listen to Mahalia Jackson w/choir singing the song on youtube that I was humming huffing and puffing up the mountain today.

At week 15 it seems almost ridiculous to ask this question, "Will I make Week 5?"  Look at where I was 10 weeks ago! My photo after finishing week 5,  "Will I make Week 5?  I made it!!!" Challenging yes, but thanks to my hubby who is an excellent motivator, coach and trainer;  The two of us are walking, climbing, becoming closer friends and adding fire to our already hot romance.  He still carries the golf club, but doesn't have to nudge me with it anymore. Starting week 15 we climbed the mountain.  When we returned home he made bacon, eggs, fried potatoes with toast, strawberry jam, blueberries and a glass of orange juice.

While he was making breakfast, I showered and afterwards stepped on my trusty digital scale with "no fear."  I had only lost 10 pounds in 14 weeks!  Was I disappointed?  Honestly, yes.  Did I cry? A little.  But, I didn't boo hoo!  "Zumba will help take off the pounds," I told myself.  I enjoyed my breakfast and thanked my husband.

Why I didn't BOO HOO:  A few days ago I was running and playing soccer at the park with my 18 month old grandson when he saw a kid playing with a smaller ball that looked like his soccer ball and he wanted it.  The kid's mom walked over and said, "Your son is so cute, he looks just like you and if you don't mind he can trade with her for a little while."  She said, your son!  This lady had five kids!  The oldest 12 and youngest 6 months, all by C-section.   And she said, your son!  We talked for awhile about having children as we watched the kids play and she wanted to know if I had my son by natural birth or C-section!  I ate it up!  Which actually means, I doted on every word she said as I felt myself getting fuller and fuller from the joy I was feeling.  Well, you know the story.  Finally, after I felt full enough,  I said, "I'm his grandmother and I just turned 62," we both started laughing and hugging one another and jumping up and down as we hugged.  She said, "The way you were running, kicking that ball and keeping up with him, I thought, surely you had to be his mother!  Oh my God, what are you doing to stay so young?" You know the story, 15 weeks!  I told her my story.  She vowed to climb her mountain.

Again, thanks to all of you following my blog and to those of you that are sending much needed encouraging e-mails.  Please don't stop because it is encouraging to know someone cares about My Journey to Celebrating Life.  Please help motivate me to blog every week for 600 more weeks which equates to about 11 more years.  Then I can start over and go for 11 more years as a survivor.  Then start over, again.

Lord Don't Move The Mountain!  I have had this song in my heart for many, many years and never knew I would physically climb a mountain.  WOW!  Love to All.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ending WeeK 14 Honoring My Grandmother Easter And The End Of Easter Season!

My Grandmother's Name Was Easter.  I think about my grandmother, Easter, especially now that I am a grandmother and especially during Easter Season.  She was the mother of nine children and God called her home when she was 84.  The comforting smile you see in the picture is what I remember the most.  She was a strong beautiful woman loved by tons of grandchildren and others.

*Why Do Christians Celebrate Easter?
Christians believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after his death on the cross. As part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday, always the Friday just before Easter. Through his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.

(For a more detailed explanation about his death and resurrection, see Why Did Jesus Have to Die? and Timeline of Jesus' Final Hours.)

*Information taken from 

Hope your Easter Season is a great one. Thank you again for reading my Blob and may God continue to Bless you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 14 Zumba! Come Out Of The Closet Celebrate Life And Zumba With Me!

Last week I wrote about how "time waits for no one,"  but I didn't mean you have to rush things.  Look at the June Bride in the picture to the left and see how great she looks in her wedding gown.  It is never too late to enjoy life! At five inches tall, this doll was a lot of fun to create as an older bride and the wedding gown she is wearing is one of the best I've made!

At 62, I am having the time of my life.  I ended week 13 with a great accomplishment; I walked seven days straight!  Yesterday, starting week 14 was my first Zumba class and afterwards I went to my doctor's office for my usual random blood pressure check and for the very first time in years it was so low I walked out of that office feeling free!  Thank You Lord!

Today my husband and I went mountain climbing.  Tonight as I write this blog my eyes are burning and watery because I just had a massage with Tiger Balm.  Zumba is soooo much fun, but my class yesterday was intense and one on one, therefore, I used muscles I didn't know I had and they needed some tender loving care before going back to class tomorrow morning.  My hope is that my strength will continue to be renewed as I Celebrate Living.  Thank You Lord!

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;  but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.  Isaiah 40:30-31 NIV

  See Zumba in action on youtube by clicking on the link below:

Again, thanks to all of you for your encouragement and prayers.  Love to All.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 13! Here Already And I'm Not Ready! Does Time Wait For Anyone?

No, time does not wait for anyone, so to all you beautiful ladies out there, waiting to drop a few pounds before you say, "I do," forget it.  Wedding Gowns can be made in any size, like the beautiful one I made to the left, which is 5 inches tall.

Before week 13 started I was going to step on the scales and proudly announce to my readers my new weight loss!  Well, I couldn't do it.  I could not force myself to get on those scales, although I know I've lost a few pounds judging by the more comfortable fit of my clothes, my blood pressure and diabetes readings, but most of all by the dreamy look in my hubby's eyes, especially when he "accidentally" walks past each time as I'm stepping out of the shower. 

So, I cannot believe time has flown by and now it is week 13.  I have not weighed since the day before I started my journey to Celebrate Living.  I am eager to see how much weight I've lost, but more eager to continue the road to better health. I gained a few pounds during my two weeks of illness.  But, the great thing is that I'm back to walking two/three miles a day.  And tonight I really enjoyed Zumba to the max!

Coming out of the closet is going to help me set new goals.  I imagine my new goals will be;  Don't let weight hold me back from doing the things I love to do.  To eat healthier and keep on walking and Zumba, no matter what, because TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!

Again, thanks to those of you following my blog and keep the encouraging e-mails coming.  Love to all.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 12 - Celebrate Living! Dollhouse Miniature Wedding Gowns

Week 12 is a very special week!  I'm recovering from this awful cold, resumed training, celebrated another birthday, celebrated my 11th year as a cancer survivor and celebrated five years of designing and making dollhouse miniature wedding gowns.  WOW!  What a feast!  Hope you celebrate living too.  Please tell me what your favorite hobby is and how you celebrate living.

Week 12 - Celebrate Living Continues

Last night after I wrote this blog, I thought I had lost it and quickly wrote another one, but when I found it today I decided to post it so please excuse some of the repetition. Special Week!  Another year here on this earth starting my 12th week of sheer joy and pain training for my first marathon!  My cold is finally coming to an end and I was able to walk two miles this morning before enjoying a surprise Celebration visit from my sister and her husband.  It felt great to start training again, although I never stopped holding onto the back of my chair to Zumba during my illness.  As I celebrate my birthday and 11 years as a cancer survivor this week, I thank God that I am feeling as though I have my life back by coming out of the closet and sharing with others who may be experiencing what I've experienced hiding in the closet during the past 11 years since the cancer diagnosis and during recovery.  I am so happy to sit here tonight and blog to share my love of making Dollhouse Miniatures, a hobby that has played a very important part of my healing and my joy. Wedding gowns are some of my favorite miniatures to design and make.  Ideas for design and creation are abundant everywhere. 
 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Genesis 1:1 
So God created mankind in his own image,
   in the image of God he created them;
   male and female he created them.
   Genesis 1:27
My next wedding gown design will be a miniature replica of my favorite daughter's wedding gown.  WOW!  What a challenge!  Her gown was absolutely gorgeous and the wedding was the most beautiful one I've ever seen.  
 Nine months after the wedding a little male child God had created presented himself to this earth and upon his mother's breast he happily fed until grandma gently pulled him away and took him into her arms as tears rolled down her face.  My first grandson!  Thank you God!  Thank you favorite daughter and son!
Thanks again for following my blog and for keeping the encouraging e-mails coming.  Love and happiness to all of you.  Keep up the walking and Zumba and Celebrate Living.  Please let me know what your favorite hobby is.  Looks like I need to add photography as an additional hobby because I love taking pictures.

Then God blessed Noah and his sons, saying to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth. Genesis 9:1  

Now I Have Two Grandsons!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 11 Celebrate Living Reading Chicken Soup for The Soul and Eating Chicken Soup for the Cold!

Beginning week 11, lost my voice due to cold/flu symtoms and I hold onto a chair while I Zumba 5 to 10 minutes every time I get a burst of energy.

Week 10 ended with a 5 mile jog/walk along the Beach and when I came upon vollyball players barefoot in the sand it reminded me of handsome Barefoot Todd and I wanted to take off my shoes. 
 Barefoot Todd, a Barefoot Running Coach, has been very encouraging during training for my first marathon.  Thank you Barefoot Todd.  It was great meeting you. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Zumba! Beginning of Week 10 Celebrate Living Dancing to Zumba!

These two little boys are watching Grandma Zumba!?  A great way to start week 10 with an upbeat attitude to compensate for the downbeat attitude I'm feeling today after watching the stormy weather yesterday during the notorious LA Marathon with 26,000+ people crossing the starting line in the rain(whew!).   And the September 2011 Disney Half Marathon that I was training for has SOLD OUT!   About two weeks ago I was introduced to Zumba by my daughter Tasha and dancing for my health looks much more inviting now in lieu of a marathon.  My grandsons look fascinated watching grandma Zumba and I see a little doubt in both faces when I look closer, like, "Do you think grandma is OK?"  Starting week 10 dancing Zumba is fun since it rained most of the day today and I haven't gotten brave enough to walk in this kind of weather yet.   So, all I wanted to do was Zumba, Zumba, Zumba and have fun making miniatures.  Of course, I love having my boys over for the weekend and when they went home yesterday I missed them to the max.  They are so much more fun now that I'm dancing and walking my way to better health and feeling great!  What a way to end Week 9 and start 10!  Zumba with my boys while looking outside at the pouring rain!  Thank God that when one door closes another one opens and all we have to do is have faith and ask.  How simple.  "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."  Matthew 7:6-8

Yes, faith: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.  Psalm 23:4 

I memorized the above Scriptures when I was a child and as an 11 year breast cancer survivor, heading to age 62 in a couple of weeks,  I've repeated them over and over during my walks through the valley of the shadow of death and they are very comforting.  Lets pray for all the people in our World.  Pray that we can all find comfort in whatever valley we are walking through today, tomorrow and forever.  Thank you!

Again, thanks to all of you for your e-mails and words of encouragement as I continue on my journey to Celebrate Living.  Please keep them coming.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Come Out Of The Closet With Me - Celebrate Living Week 8

If you tell me I'm not having fun I will not believe you!  Week 8 was brutal.  Yolanda's calender filled up so my husband had to take over my training for the Disney Half Marathon and he was so happy.  If I thought Yolanda was brutal, I must say he is liking his title too much.  He walks behind me with a golf club in his hand to measure the distance between us and I have to stay ahead of the club.  If I slow down to talk to him he nudges my behind with the golf club to keep moving forward at a fast pace.  Now imagine doing this every day of the week for five miles in which two and a half are uphill.  Is it fun?  Yes.  Is it good for me?  Yes.  When we finish I am ready to go.  Go where?  Go figure.  I think some women really like to be pushed.  Don't go figure.

My hope is that you will come out of the closet with me to celebrate living.  There are things that I have energy to do since coming out, for instance, in the above pictures I was at KTLA 5 Morning News - Live yesterday, the beginning of week 9, with Yolanda as one of her friends and supporters during an interview by one of my favorites, Michaela Pereira.  The LA Marathon is this weekend and I was so happy to be on live television in Hollywood as part of the ongoing celebration.  It was a blast and we had a great time.  They even fed us at the end of our filming!  See the interview on video by clicking on the link below: