Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Time! March Winners Announced!


Lots of things were happening last week in addition to pulling the name of the winners on Tuesday.  Spring sprung.  Joyce Bernard, The Trunk Lady came and spent the day with me.  We had a great time at lunch talking minis.  I stomped my toe the very next day and my foot is still very painful!!!   I also met some critical deadlines. 

5.1 earthquate centered in a town not faraway on Friday night and a huge aftershock Saturday evening and lots of little aftershocks in between.  As a matter of fact I can feel the earth moving under me now.  The house is slighty swaying with a few crackle and pops frequently, but I am so determined to finish this post tonight and announce the March winners.  I do fear for my fragile minis though.

I'm not too happy about not having pictures on this post.  Will post April Giveaway when I feel better.  My birthday is next week so it will probably be after the celebration.  Sixty five and alive!  Rain is forecasted on my birthday and I'll be singing in the rain!

Winners For March! 
Steinworks  Eva -tatalamaru

Congratulations to our three winners!  Winners, please contact me with shipping details.  Thanks for your comments.  You know I love comments because they keep me blogging.  

Thanks to all for your wonderful comments.  A warm welcome to  new followers.  It is really a great pleasure to reach a total of 300
followers!  Don't you think this milestone of 300 followers deserves a giveaway?  Please let me know.  My sincere thanks!