Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hurry! Hurry Hurry! April Give A Way Ending Soon!

My Grandma wanted me to remind you that the deadline for April's give-a-way is tomorrow;  Sunday April 29, 2012 at 12 Noon Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).  There are 53 comments in the hat! 

Please check the comments list to make sure your comment is one of the 53 comments listed if you want your name in the hat.  You still have a few hours left until the deadline to join and add a comment. 

Your comment must be one of the 53 (or more) on the blog for the April give-a-away!  The name of the blog is:  Celebrate Your Life! April 2012 Birthday #63!  Bridal Gown Give A Way!  Posted on April 1, 2012.
Yum Yum!  Can't Wait To Draw The Lucky Winner!

My little brother in the picture to the left is licking his lips because he can just taste the feeling of drawing the  lucky winner. 

When your comment is posted as the lucky winner during the first week of May 2012, you must contact grandma within 5 days with your name and mailing address.  If grandma is not contacted within 5 days, your comment will be deleted and another lucky winner will be drawn until all 53 or more comments are drawn and the hat is empty.  Good luck!

Grandma is cutting more fabric to make another give-a-way for June.  Grandma thanks all of you for spending the time it takes to join a blog and write an inspirational comment.  She sends kisses, hugs and love to all.  My little drawing brother and me send hugs, love and kisses too! 

Another view of the lovely April Give A Way:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lost My Wallet On Flight To Chicago! Tons of Miracles During My Stay!

After experiencing tons of miracles during the last few days and getting tons of ideas at the Chicago show, I made this dress especially for one of you to win;  Mother's Day give a-way.  All you have to do is be a follower of my blog and leave a positive comment on this post only!  This is short notice, but great.  Your name will be put into a hat and drawn on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 11:00PM Pacific Standard Time.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 15, 2012.  This is a lovely dress!  Miracle.

Chicago International Miniature Show was the best miniature show I've ever seen!  Miniature Artists and collectors from all over the world!  I had the best time and met lots of new friends.  Also met the Editor of American Miniaturist Magazine, Traci, the one that I've been exchanging e-mails with and sending pictures to during the past two months for the June issue. Miracle.  Get your copy of the June issue to see more of my Bridal Gowns and a tutorial on how to make one.  After June you can order your own back issue.  The tutorial is very easy.  I gave a class to two of my friends in Chicago to test the tutorial and they made beautiful gowns.  You just need the mannequin, fabric, lace and really nice trim.  If you don't have a source for mannequins like the ones I use, during the month of May I will list some for auction on eBay.  The mannequin if fully porcelain and stands five inches tall.  I will have ten to fifteen for auction.  Bid starting at $6.00 + shipping in U.S. currency.

Lost my wallet on flight to Chicago!  Miracles do happen.  Cancelled my bank card that held the funds I saved especially for Chicago and immediately after cancelling, my favorite daughter called to say a Flight Attendant found it.  A miracle.  God is soooo great!  The plane had landed near my home and my husband picked up my and I had my driver's license the next day.  Miracle.  I was a real person again with identification, but without most of the money I had saved especially for Chicago.  A miracle.  My traveling buddy and friend offered to pay for everything, including miniatures, hotel and food!  I spent less money than I had planned! We kept a tab and when we got home I mailed her a check! A miracle.  Great to have great friends.

More about Chicago later.  I must post this so you can start your comments to get your name in the hat.  Thanks again to all of you for positive comments, e-mails, phone calls, birthday cards, prayers and I love you all.  It is good to be back home safely to my wonderful husband who had done a makeover of my workshop while I was gone.  Miracle!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leaving My Husband For Chicago Tomorrow! Still Celebrating!

First time attending this event and I am going with my Miniature friend!  Yes, I have my miniature friends, my Church friends, my lunch friends, my sick friends, my breast cancer friends and lots of brand new blogger friends!  Cannot believe all the people that are celebrating life with me this month.  Thank you for all of your wonderful comments.  Some make me laugh, some make me feel my spirit to the core and some encourage me to do better at what I do best.  Thank you! Thanks to those of you for sharing my give-a-ways with your friends by posting my dresses on your blogs.


I'm leaving my husband at home!  We spend all day everyday doing things together and sometimes with the grandsons and I love it.  So instead of packing my bags for the weekend, I'm so nervous about waving goodbye and saying, "See you later," that I am going to end up leaving without luggage.  That's okay, I'll just take empty luggage and fill it up at the show during the next few days.  My husband is nervous too because he doesn't know what to do without me.  Ha! Ha!  He has been celebrating life with me for a long time.  When he lost his long-time "safe" job over two years ago and forced to retire, it was so sudden, we just sat and looked at one another for a few days wondering what to do.  Then, we thanked God for the opportunity to spend time together and with our grandsons. "Thank you Lord, it has been our pleasure."

Last week at Los Angeles Zoo and a day at Legoland with grandsons was the highlight of the week!  Now I'm off to Chicago!  Great to be born in April.  Got my taxes done on time too.  Time to pack!

During the next few days I will be checking and posting comments while at the show so please keep them coming.  The hat for April is filling up!  I may get some new ideas from the show, make something for a Mother's Day give-a-way.  No, I did not think of this before writing this blog, but why not?  Leave a comment for this blog and lets do a Mother's Day give-a-way!  Don't know what it will be, but it will be good.  Just add a comment to this blog after joining and your name is in the hat for the Mother's Day drawing on Mother's Day!  Easy.  Not a mother?  Don't worry, the drawing is open to everyone.  You are a living being and that is what matters most of all!

Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
Genesis 2:6-8

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.
  Love and Hugs to All. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Celebrations! Celebrating Life! Why? Why Not?

Have you ever sent yourself a birthday card?  Nor have I.    Thanks to all of you for the lovely cards and birthday wishes.  Three glorious days of celebrating zoomed by.  But, I'm still celebrating.  For instance, I've received so many lovely comments for the April give-a-way that I'm celebrating by giving away one of my Jared Collection dressed mannequin in the picture to the right.  Name will be drawn from hat at 9:00pm PST May 31, 2012.  Announced first week of June.  Start now!  Get your name in the hat for this gorgeous dress.  Just follow my blog and leave an inspirational comment for this post only for a chance to win.  If you are already following, just leave a comment!  Easy! 

I celebrate because my tutorial for the Bridal Gown was accepted by American Miniaturist magazine's June issue.  You must get your copy!  The tutorial is fun and easy to follow.  Use it to make variations for your doll or mannequins and fill an entire Bridal Shop or Dress shop.  Sneak preview almost finished:
Cannot close without saying thanks to all of you for following my blog and leaving those wonderful comments.  Guess what the June give-a-way will be?  Yes, you guessed it!  A Bridal Gown worthy of pictures in American Miniaturist Magazine. 

Love & Hugs to All

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Celebrate Your Life! April 2012 Birthday #63! Bridal Gown Give A Way!

The Angels are singing because this
is an exciting month
with lots to Celebrate!
Easter at My Daugher's.
She is a really great

Someone is going to win this gorgeous Bridal Gown!  Will it be you?
Happy Birthday Felma!  The Good the Bad and the Ugly will be the topic of my posts during my birthday month. I will post about all three.  The good is that I am enjoying life and celebrating life to my fullest.   At 63, I feel better than I imagined I would and I even look better than I thought I could.  Being a cancer survivor has perks.  The other day I went to Nordstrom to get fitted for my free (please check with your insurance) breast cancer bras and looked so good to my husband that he took pictures.  My "girls" are sitting up quite nicely.  My words for the evening, "Don't keep your hands to yourself."  Who knew that I would come out of the closet last year and start Celebrating Life and make it a lifetime goal to live the best life I can with all the ailments I have?  It has been fun.  I am so thankful to all of you who played a song to get me started and keep me going.  God, I thank you most of all. 

 What About The Give-A-Way?
How about having a chance to win it?  It is so very easy to win the gorgeous Bridal Gown in the picture above.  It is one of my best and signed by me.  All you have to do is be a follower of my blog, leave a positive inspirational comment, for example, "Happy Birthday," and your comment will be placed into a hat.  On Monday, April 30, 2012, my 2 year old grandson will draw the winning comment.  I will post the comment of the winner during the first week of May 2012.  Comments must be received by 12:00 Noon Pacific Standard Time on Sunday April 29, 2012. 

Time to go Celebrate! 

Before I go I must say thanks to all of you for reading and following my blog.  Enjoy this month and every month to the fullest.  Thank you for the e-mails and much appreciated comments.  I love you.  Love and hugs to all.