Monday, August 20, 2012

Summertime And The Living Is Easy!

Drum Roll Please for the August Winner!  In the meantime click on this link and listen to: Summertime And The Living Is Easy.  But, Is it really?  I am having a grand Summer with my Grandchildren.  Has it been easy?  No Way!  Not with my crazy painful shoulder.  Has it been fun? Yes! Yes! Yes!  

An example of one of our most recent fun events;  This past Friday, 3:00PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time,  my two year old selected the August winner from the hat as my five year old beat the drum for the drum roll.  Our give away dress was sitting on the table next to the hat and we were all excited to see who the winner would be.  As I slowly opened the folded piece of paper with the winning comment, my heart was throbbing and they were shouting, "Who Grandma! Who won?"  My goodness, I didn't know giving could be so wonderful and exciting with my two little love birds jumping up and down along side me. 

 Does this comment belong to you?  If so, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE THE LUCKY WINNER!  Please contact me with your mailing information and the lovely dress will be on it's way to you.

Here is what the comment said: 

 Gracias por darnos tantas oportunidades de tener uno 

detus vestidos,me tienen enamorada,lo anuncio en mi

 blog,un beso.Rosa.  

Translated to English:

  Thanks for giving us so many opportunities to have one of your dresses, I have love, I announced in my blog, a kiss.Rosa

In the meantime, my boys and I will enjoy the remaining summer and get ideas for September dress give away while Papa cooks, does laundry and plans exciting excursions for us such as:
Splash Splash
Golf Lessons
Arts And Crafts

A day at the County Fair
Swim Lessons

Thanks to all of you for joining my blog and leaving all the wonderful comments.  You are my inspiration to keep give a ways going.  Please keep checking back.  Who knows, my boys and I may create another give a way before the end of August.