Monday, January 30, 2012

Breast Cancer 12 Year Anniversary Month! Still On My Journey To Celebrating Life!

Cannot believe it has been one year ago since I started this blog on my journey to come out of the closet and celebrate living with breast cancer. 

 When I looked in the mirror last January at my once beautiful breasts (pictures coming soon), I just wanted to die!  What about reconstruction you ask?  Not a choice when a lumpectomy is involved.

Due to an infection a week after surgery, I had to return to the hospital for a second surgery.  The lumpectomy I had 12 years ago still shows awful scars along with lymphdema, a side affect which can cause my arm to swell 3 or more times the size of my other arm.  I will always have to wear clothes one size larger to compensate for my larger arm.

  So far there is no cure for lymphdema and I will have to take drugs for the pain I experience daily.  Making miniatures and selling them on eBay is one of the things that has helped save my life.

I gained about 30 pounds after surgery, became a type 2 diabetic along with severe hot flashes, high blood pressure, high colesterol, anxiety, depression and blood clots that were supposed to end it all for me.  There were also other physical and mental issues that made me want to leave this earth, but I continued to believe in God, continued to pray and ask God to please not let me take my own life during one of my bouts with pain.

Now, looking back to a year ago, wanting to hide from the world, not only my body and my pain, but also the gift of creativity. 
Here is where I saw my grandson beating a rock and chanting what sounded like a prayer of some sort.  I asked him to pray with me and we pray.

These lovely Birds of Paradise looked so much brighter after praying!

Things are so much better now that Yolanda, Walking Diva, took me on as her challenge for the New Year last year to start me walking again and to start this blog.  She didn't just tell me what to do, she took me under her wings and walked with me side by side, step by step.  Thank you Yolanda and thanks to all of you for reading and following my blog.  Your encouraging e-mails I look forward to reading every day.  
Barefoot Todd I will never forget your encouragement as you cried with me when I looked in that mirror last year. 

As of today, I have unloaded 20 pounds.  Walked a lot of miles, climbed a lot mountains, made a ton of miniatures and enjoyed my life to the fullest with my family and friends.  I can run, jump and keep up with my two grandson as we view this beautiful world together. 

 Diabetes, blood pressure, colesterol and many other challenges are under control.  Turning 63 this April and going to Chicago for one of the biggest Dollhouse Miniatures Shows in America is something to look forward to.

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.  Psalm 30:5b 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mannequins by Sandy Calderon! Time For Wedding Dresses Selection!

Since it is time to start looking for the perfect wedding dress.  Why not dress your doll in a wedding dress using the dressed mannequin to the right as an example.  Or you can use the examples below.  First example is a doll named Elisa.  Her makers, Ruth and her daughter Elisa made this doll using a stick when Elisa was in 8th grade as a school project.   Doll was to be made as a reflection of your ethnicity.  I had never met Ruth until a couple of weeks ago when we were discussing how I am coping with diabetes, breast cancer, pain and life in general.  I told her I had my two grandsons to keep up with and when not with them I made miniature clothes and dressed dolls to sell on eBay.  She said she wished she could make something.  Her daughter Elisa is now 23 years old.  I could see it in her eyes that she was thinking about something far-away.  Then she said she had made a doll for a school project a long time ago and was excited to let me see it.  Here it is.

It is a beautiful doll and Ruth I really thank you so much for sharing with me, allowing me to take picture of you and your doll.  In the future I hope to see more and I would be happy to see one one your dolls entered in the contest.

The making a doll contest on my blog is not about making a doll.  It is about remembering the creative juices we were all born with and to never tell anyone we are not creative.  Just getting up in the mornings and getting ourselves dresses is creativity.  If you have a husband and kids to dress that is really creative.  Having to fix lunches and dress the kids is high on top of the creativity list. 

Again, thanks to all of my followers and readers of my blog.  I love you and may God continue to Bless America.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dollhouse Miniatures by Felma Coming Out Of the Closet President Obama Delivering "State Of The Union" address Got In My Way!

I am still doing miniatures, still coming out of the closet to celebrate life.  As a matter of fact, a lady commissioned me last week to make her a Good Witch dress on a mannequin by Sandy Calderon and one on a hanger.  These miniature dresses in the picture to the right are the results.  For those of you who are Barbie collectors, yes, I used a reclycled Barbie Doll Witch clothes to make dress on mannequin. 
  But, talking to my Grandson about the State Of The Union address and his reaction to the name of President Obama surprised me to the state of what, where, who, when and then some more.  At two years old, well, 27 months old to be exact.  What triggered his reaction as shown in the first and second pictures above?  Where did he hear about our President?  Who is in that head of his?  When did he learn this stuff?  And then, we had more conversations about our Country, Congress our Nation and of course, College.  
He patiently waited until I finished telling him a bit of history. Then I asked him if he liked President Obama and living in America. I had my camera ready and the second picture is his reaction to my questions.
 His mother (my favorite daughter) has a degree in Civil Engineering with a Master's in Business Administration.  His dad (my favorite son) has a BA degree in Human Services, quote "I service humans."  But, (yes I know I use a trillion commas) does that make the little fellow know things?  He is not even potty trained yet!!!  He has been going to a great school since he was three months old and he does spend every Tuesday and Thursday with grandparents. 

  Being the Christian that I am, I have never really considered reincarnation, but sometimes I think I see another person in this little cutie pie's spirit.  My friend Yolanda, Walking Diva, who broke the Guinness World Record in 2010 for most marathons by a woman in a year wants to meet this little fellow.  I told her that when she meets him, he is going to do a dance going around in circles or look at her as if he already knows her and ponders why he must meet her again. 

Yolanda has an interesting blog about her Journey to Guinness.  She trained me for my first marathon which was the Disney Half Marathon last year which sold out before I sent my registration.  No problem, I have daily walks with my husband when I agree with the weather.  Yolanda's  blog is very encouraging to those of us who need a little nudge or a lot of nudge to start moving and keep moving.  Actually, I've lost 20 pounds in the last six months just walking a little each day and eating slower and eating less.  Please click on the link to check out Yolanda's blog for a ton of inspiration:
That was a great 2012 State of the Union address.  President Barack Obama even got a spark out of me as he talked about coming together as one America.  Not Democrat or Republican, but as one Nation, although he didn't finish with "One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice For All", it kept me on the edge of my chair looking back and forth at my grandson wondering what he was pondering.
Yes, I did consider maybe the reaction in the second picture was because we were on our way to Grandma's House.  Then I also remembered that my little fellow knows one of grandma's favorite singers would be Al Green and he has probably heard grandma playing this video of President Obama singing this song a zillion times! Please click on the link below if you haven't heard it.  Ignore the comments if you can, but if you can't just listen to the entire song by Al Green on Youtube and you will understand that our President is saying:  No matter what, "I'm still in love with you" America.
Listen to Elvis Presley sing America the Beautiful

State of the Union address:  FYI - Before you click on link below
this video is about one hour eleven minutes:
Thanks to those of you who signed up to follow my blog and I pray that you continue to do so.  Have any questions about the future of our great Country?  Please don't bash our Presidents, past, current and future or our Government.  Just do the right thing and read the following Scripture: 
James 1:5
  If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.  (KIV)
May God continue to Bless our World!

Don't know who God is?  Ask me.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3 Introducing Beautiful Doll Artist Sandy Calderon And Winter Fairy Tutorial

Winter Fairy Tutorial

Items Needed: 
one doll, 2 silk poinsettia flowers, scrap of red fabric, contrasting trim, glue wire, paint and a brush.
Step 1
Start with a nice doll to be your fairy.  I used a white doll, but you could use any flesh tone.

Step 2
Use a craft paint to add stripes to her legs like candy canes.  You could use china paint if you have a kiln and your doll is porcelain.  I also did her nails and darkened her lip color.

Step 3
About a 2x2.5 scrap of red, I have silk here, for the panties.  You don't need to hem this, it wont show.

Step 4
Diaper fold at crotch and pull up to waist, this fold makes the hem on the sides without hemming.

Step 5
Glue top of front to the back, it can be a high waist as the top will cover.

Step 6
fold back sides and neatly glue to side overlapping at sides.  Press down very flat.  Let dry.

Step 7
About a 2x3.5 (more or less for your doll's bust) scrap of more fabric for the top and hem and press top and one side.  You can use glue to hem.

Step 8
Place long side hem at the top of bust and bring to back, overlap and glue down hemmed side.  Press in place and dry well.

Step 9
On sides under breast, make darts to get the top to have a nice fitted look.  Hold in place with pins if you glue the dart and let dry well.  Use a mini iron to press well if you have one.

Step 10
Doll now has a nice body suit look to her.  Now select your flowers.  I have two types for mine, a pointed edge petal for her skirt and serrated edged one for the wings.

Step 11
Remove petals from plastic parts.

Step 12
Glue longest ones to waist line first completing a circle around her.  Slightly overlap each petal to help prevent spaces.  Let dry well.

Step 13
Now glue a ring of shorter petals on top of the first overlapping any openings of the last petals.  If you want a very fluffy dress, feel free to add even more petals or less for a slinky look.

Step 14
Using a small bit of trim, edge off waist line to give it a neat finished look.  You can use up any great scrap fabric you have for this.  The length will depend on your doll's waist line.  At this time I added the doll's wig.  I prefer to wig after doll is dressed so I don't have to watch or mess up hair.  You can use any wig you want for this doll.  I did a short white wig.  She looks great in bright red curls too.

Step 15
Remove petals from plastic parts for wings.

Step 16
Select two matching petals in the size you like best, wings can be very small or very large depending on what you like.

Step 17
I used green wire, but any color will work.  Bend into a V shape and bend each side of wire to curve just a bit as the petals tend to curve up on you.  Using a fabric grab type glue, add glue to wire and press to petal with tip of wire ending at tip of petal.  Let dry before you do the other side.  Leave a space at the end about 1/4 inch long.

Step 18
Add a drop of glue to bend in wire, and slip it in the back of her dress.

Step 19
Push wings all the way in.  Dress will hide the wires and keep them on well.  Your fairy is now done.  You can add any other embellishments you see fit!  Trim off the wings, add more trim to the dress, glitter your petal skirt... it is endless to make this fairy uniquely your own and the doll you chose to start with will also add to your own look.
If your doll has boots or shoes, you may want
to paint them a holiday green!
Looks Great!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creativity Contest! First Doll I Dressed Was A Storyteller! Dress A Doll And Win!

What is the contest?  Make and dress a doll no taller than six inches out of anything you can find that you would normally view as something else.  It could be a stick, clothes pin, drinking straws, spoon or sculpt your very own doll.  Start making it as something you would be proud of. 

Prize?  Visit the website of and select an undressed doll for $60.00 or less and I will dress it for you FREE!  Or if you want to dress your own doll, Sandy will mail it to you postage free. 
"The Storyteller" was the first doll I dressed a few years ago and Sandy Calderon encouraged me to dress her by sending her to me FREE OF CHARGE!  Sandy had seen some of my doll clothes for sale on eBay and told me if I could make a doll dress on a hanger I could dress a doll.  Of course I said I couldn't, but Sandy, a total stranger at the time convinced me that I could dress this doll.  I dressed her and she sold on eBay for $218.00 and I was shocked, hooked and never looked back.  Thank you Sandy!

Purpose?  This contest is used as a method to tap into creativity that you may have never discovered and to share that discovery with the rest of the world.  All you have to do is join my blog as a follower, yes, I am seeking more followers, leave me a comment with a picture of your creation that I can post on my blog.   Make sure the image size of the picture is 1024x768 or smaller. 

How is the winner picked?  I will show the pictures to my 5 and 2 year old grandsons and under my supervision, let them pick the best of the best.  I will put those pictures in a hat and let my 5 year old pull a name out of the hat.  If you are a professional doll maker, while you are making your doll remember who the judges will be, therefore, the more colorful they are the better.  Doll can be male or female.  Only two entries per follower please.  If you are the winner and want to be featured on my blog along with your doll, please be prepared to tell me your life story even if you are only 2 years old.  Winner will be featured the third week of February 2012.  Thank you.

All entries must be submitted no later than 11:00 A.M. Friday February 3, 2012.

You don't know how to dress a doll?  Tutorial by Sandy no later than Tuesday, January 24th.  Please keep checking back.

I cannot end my blog by thanking those of you who are followers, leave comments and send me encouraging e-mails and phone calls:  An example:

I love reading your blog.  Keep it coming.  You are truly an inspiration.  Excited about life and full of love.  Whatever you're taking, I want some.   ; )   Your blog encourages me and helps me to re-focus my attention to what is important.    You spoke to my spirit.  I need to slow down and take some time to relax and enjoy all the beauty that God has put in my life.  Then celebrate!  Amen.  I’m looking forward to your future tutorials on cooking, marriage, and sex.  lol

Your 2 grandsons are sooooooo HANDSOME.  You must be so proud. 
So what are your plans for 2012?  Are you doing any marathons this year?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is Week #2 Of This New Year Starting Out Great For Family And Friends And Friends To Be?

Can you believe this is 
  Week Two of the New Year?!!!  My boys are moving from "Bundle Of Joy" to "Handsome."  Family and friends are you starting this year with an affirmation to find more time to relax and enjoy in our beautiful wonderful world? 


Yes,  although plagued by challenges since the beginning of mankind we can still enjoy our beautiful wonderful world! 
Clink on link below to hear and watch amazing video about our world.  If you didn't feel something, please don't let me know:

Thanks to the Artist who produced this fabulous YouTube video.

 Rossa, in the above picture is a fairy doll made by Doll Artist, Sandy Calderon and dressed by me.  Sandy's creations will be featured here during January.  Please check back often to see what goodies we have in store for you.  An opportunity for you to participate in an interesting challenge will also be featured this month.  In the meantime, please take time to enjoy our beautiful world. 

Thanks again to Followers of my blog and to those who continue to send me encouraging e-mails.  I love you.

 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:10-12