Monday, January 30, 2012

Breast Cancer 12 Year Anniversary Month! Still On My Journey To Celebrating Life!

Cannot believe it has been one year ago since I started this blog on my journey to come out of the closet and celebrate living with breast cancer. 

 When I looked in the mirror last January at my once beautiful breasts (pictures coming soon), I just wanted to die!  What about reconstruction you ask?  Not a choice when a lumpectomy is involved.

Due to an infection a week after surgery, I had to return to the hospital for a second surgery.  The lumpectomy I had 12 years ago still shows awful scars along with lymphdema, a side affect which can cause my arm to swell 3 or more times the size of my other arm.  I will always have to wear clothes one size larger to compensate for my larger arm.

  So far there is no cure for lymphdema and I will have to take drugs for the pain I experience daily.  Making miniatures and selling them on eBay is one of the things that has helped save my life.

I gained about 30 pounds after surgery, became a type 2 diabetic along with severe hot flashes, high blood pressure, high colesterol, anxiety, depression and blood clots that were supposed to end it all for me.  There were also other physical and mental issues that made me want to leave this earth, but I continued to believe in God, continued to pray and ask God to please not let me take my own life during one of my bouts with pain.

Now, looking back to a year ago, wanting to hide from the world, not only my body and my pain, but also the gift of creativity. 
Here is where I saw my grandson beating a rock and chanting what sounded like a prayer of some sort.  I asked him to pray with me and we pray.

These lovely Birds of Paradise looked so much brighter after praying!

Things are so much better now that Yolanda, Walking Diva, took me on as her challenge for the New Year last year to start me walking again and to start this blog.  She didn't just tell me what to do, she took me under her wings and walked with me side by side, step by step.  Thank you Yolanda and thanks to all of you for reading and following my blog.  Your encouraging e-mails I look forward to reading every day.  
Barefoot Todd I will never forget your encouragement as you cried with me when I looked in that mirror last year. 

As of today, I have unloaded 20 pounds.  Walked a lot of miles, climbed a lot mountains, made a ton of miniatures and enjoyed my life to the fullest with my family and friends.  I can run, jump and keep up with my two grandson as we view this beautiful world together. 

 Diabetes, blood pressure, colesterol and many other challenges are under control.  Turning 63 this April and going to Chicago for one of the biggest Dollhouse Miniatures Shows in America is something to look forward to.

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.  Psalm 30:5b 

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