Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nature Walk - Just The Two Of Us! End Of Week Six

To take a nature walk with my four year old grandson today was a blast and an eventful way to end our weekend together and my six weeks of training.  Our walk took about two hours as we climbed hills and went down into valleys, but we feared no evil because Thou was with us.  When we returned home and got out of the car, my grandson said, "Grandma, I feel soooo good!"  My heart went thumpity thump with joy because that made me feel so great I took my 16 month old grandson for a long stroller ride.   I also managed to make a magnificent Dollhouse Miniature dress.  Please click on the link below the dress to view it

Can't wait to see what week seven has in store.  It is supposed to be very challenging; a five miler at a faster pace.   I was actually dreading week seven, but during the nature walk and hearing the little happy voice demanding, "Come on Grandma!" I look forward to finishing.  Thanks to my followers.  Please let me hear from you readers, I need all the help I can get.  Thanks a million for all the e-mails you've sent. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WeeK Six - Words of Confidence From 4 Year Old Grandson

A really brutal but great workout this morning.  I know it is going to get better as I drop pounds and continue to better my eating habits.  Words of encouragement from my grandson makes it worth the challenge.  Thank you grandson! My diabetes reading is dropping to target level and blood pressure is below target.  Thank You God!  Thank you Yolanda!  Please, I need encouragement from all of you reading my blog.   Don't be afraid to leave a message or give me a thumbs up.  Thank you in advance.  Coming out of the closet as a breast cancer survivor and letting the world know who I am is not an easy task, but I feel this is what I must do to help other survivors and people in general to get off the couch, start moving and Celebrate Living.  Yes, the world is changing and we are in what may seem like the worst of times, but we can and shall survive.  "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."  Galatians 6:9 NIV

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finishing Week Five! Before and After Training This Morning

My dear friend Yolanda, practically pushed me two miles uphill and said I (we) made good time.  I had to go back downhill too, but it was a breeze, temperature at 41 degrees.  Yolanda set another goal for me! 

I was back home by nine A.M. with lots of energy!  Turned on some soft music and let the creative juices flow.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fourth Week In Training - Celebrating Life

It was a beautiful clear morning last week after returning home from training when I looked out the window and saw this gorgeous pink in the mist of trees with bare branches in winter.  I decided to grab my camera, Bee in Bloom....a real peach tree, a real live bee!  How cool is that? 

Cool because I usually start creating dollhouse miniature projects at ten in the evening until about three in the morning.  During this time it's really nice and quiet with the occasional sound of my husband sleeping well, as he calls it, but I call it snoring. One wall of my workshop is adjacent to our bedroom.  Sometimes with a little soft music that inspires my creativity, I may work until sunrise, then sleep until ten or eleven in the morning.  But, now that I'm in training, 'early to bed - early to rise' is my new way of thinking.  Going to bed so early?  What about creativity?  Well, I'm still being very creative and the soft music is still playing, but on the other side of the wall.  How cool is that?! 

Training is getting to be more fun as the weeks go by.  We are still climbing hills and walking faster and faster, but the great feeling I get afterwards surpasses all the sweat, aches and pains I've endured.  I was able to keep up with my grandsons during the week they were visiting and they even discovered that Grandma could be a lot of fun.  We jumped up and down on the bed, went for walks and lots of fun things.  After training last Thursday I was inspired that evening to take my grandson to a local high school basketball game.  He was so excited and so was I.  On Sunday morning I took him for a bike ride and ran to keep up with him.  On Sunday afternoon my boys had to go back home and I still had lots of enery!  Thank you God.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Miniature Friend Janyce Valentine

This gorgeous lady, Janyce Valentine, Miniature Hobbyist, is responsible for designing and creating the elegant dollhouse bedroom and bathroom above.  When she invited me to see her dollhouses I thought I was going to faint because they are spectacular!  She is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Los Angeles and she loves my Miniature Clothing line!  She keeps encouraging me to turn my hobby into a business for which I am grateful.  She is Manager/Co-Owner of an 82 year old family-owned business and I eagerly seek her advice.  Well, she said I must have my Dollhouse Miniatures by Felma website up and running by June 2011.  That is her goal.  I just love talking with goal setting people. They make my life so much more interesting and easier.  I don't have to think, just do what they tell me to do.  Yes, she is as brutal as Yolanda, but I don't see her every week, THANK GOD she is training for the Disney half marathon in another city, but I really enjoy our conversations about our minis.  Yesterday, Yolanda worked us out like we were in Boot Camp!  Two and a quarter miles uphill and yes, we had to come back down.  And yes, I wanted to QUIT!  Please click on the website to learn more about Janyce's family-owned business and read the bio for Janyce and her parents.  Her father, Mr. Fred Valentine, just turned 92 years-young and works every day as President of the business.  Her mom, Mrs. Arzella Valentine, published her first book on her 75th birthday and is encouraging me to publish my first book.  WOW!  Celebrating Life is starting to look a lot better at 61.  Thank you God, thank you Yolanda, thank you Janyce and especially thanks to you Mrs. Arzella for encouraging me to write my book, "The Voice." But, please be brutal like your daughter and Yolanda.  Make it easier for me and give me a deadline.