Thursday, February 14, 2013

These Blood Clots Are Annoying! Will I Live Or Kick The Bucket? God Knows!

February 2013 Give A Way

Special thanks to all of you  for sending your messages of concern regarding my long absence.  Thank you to old and new followers for your support in reading my blog and leaving comments.  I am grateful.

Blood Clots were on the loose in my leg a few days after this picture was taken in my Brother's driveway.  Cute car.
 My sister-in law passed away.  My trip to honor her journey to heaven took three hours by air and three hours by car to my brother's home in the beautiful small country town where I grew up.  I had the opportunity reunite with family and friends that I had not seen for decades. 

The pain in my calf was awesome!  I self-diagnosed  using GOOGLE.  But, please don't try this at home.  LOL.  In the emergency room, I told the doctor,   "I have a DVT (deep vein thrombosis)."  He asked me, "How do you know you have a blood  clot, young lady?"  I proceeded to tell him "My Clot Story"  from 10 years ago.  I was immediately sent for CT scan and the little critters showed up. 

"Will the clots cause me to kick the bucket?"  I actually have a 10 year old "umbrella" in my vein to block the clots from the most important places they like to go like the heart, lungs and brain.  Maybe it still works and maybe it doesn't.  Google: "economy class syndrome" (ECS).  The information may help you and others during your travels. 

Sitting here writing my blog post and feeling great!  Mostly because my grandsons spent the weekend with me and we had soooo much fun.  And that I am making a connection with you.  And that my husband gave me a new Mercedes-Benz to help ease my pain.  Yes, it did help.  And that God may be giving me another chance to enjoy my life here on earth helping others.  

My favorite daughter knows how much I care about my Blog Friends, and she will post to let you know if I kick the bucket.  

How to enter drawing for February Give A Way:

Be a follower of my blog AND leave a positive comment on THIS POST ONLY before the deadline of Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.  One winner will be drawn and posted the following week.  If you are the lucky winner you must contact me within seven days to claim your prize.  Dress is 4 inches tall.

Prayer Request:  Please pray for strength for me as I recover and for my dear cousin, a cancer survivor like me, whose husband of 44 years passed away.  The other night they were laughing and talking in bed as usual before going to sleep when he suddenly just died.  I will be attending his funeral tomorrow.