Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Drum Roll Please For July 2013 Winner

Beautiful Beach Scene by Chris at Cape Cod.  Empty chair reserved for me.

 Chris P's Minis And More  Congratulations to the winner of the Christmas in July dress.  Chris has a beautiful blog.  Her lovely  scenes reveal that she is a true miniature artist who loves her work and loves to share.  Please visit her blogspot by clicking on the link above.
Why not travel during the summer months.  Now we are on a beach in Florida.
Thank you Chris for entering the draw and by leaving your uplifting comment.  My three year old pulled your name out of the hat and tried to read it but he can't read yet.  I am always excited to see who the winner is!  Thanks to all of you who entered.  As usual I wish everyone could win.  
I feel like working again.  I just made this lovely dress for eBay.

Welcome to all new followers and as always thanks to all of you for reading my blog and becoming a follower.

Your prayers have helped my healing and I say THANK YOU!  This crazy pain has been so much better over the last few days after asking God to heal me.  He has done it before and I know He healed me again.  I believe a mere human body cannot go from 0-85% pain free within a few minuates without devine healing.  He did it for me and He will do it for you.  Please e-mail me privately with your request for prayers or questions regarding God and healing. 

I praise God that He brought me back from a mighty scary place.  
Hugs, Love and Prayer