Friday, February 4, 2011

My Miniature Friend Janyce Valentine

This gorgeous lady, Janyce Valentine, Miniature Hobbyist, is responsible for designing and creating the elegant dollhouse bedroom and bathroom above.  When she invited me to see her dollhouses I thought I was going to faint because they are spectacular!  She is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Los Angeles and she loves my Miniature Clothing line!  She keeps encouraging me to turn my hobby into a business for which I am grateful.  She is Manager/Co-Owner of an 82 year old family-owned business and I eagerly seek her advice.  Well, she said I must have my Dollhouse Miniatures by Felma website up and running by June 2011.  That is her goal.  I just love talking with goal setting people. They make my life so much more interesting and easier.  I don't have to think, just do what they tell me to do.  Yes, she is as brutal as Yolanda, but I don't see her every week, THANK GOD she is training for the Disney half marathon in another city, but I really enjoy our conversations about our minis.  Yesterday, Yolanda worked us out like we were in Boot Camp!  Two and a quarter miles uphill and yes, we had to come back down.  And yes, I wanted to QUIT!  Please click on the website to learn more about Janyce's family-owned business and read the bio for Janyce and her parents.  Her father, Mr. Fred Valentine, just turned 92 years-young and works every day as President of the business.  Her mom, Mrs. Arzella Valentine, published her first book on her 75th birthday and is encouraging me to publish my first book.  WOW!  Celebrating Life is starting to look a lot better at 61.  Thank you God, thank you Yolanda, thank you Janyce and especially thanks to you Mrs. Arzella for encouraging me to write my book, "The Voice." But, please be brutal like your daughter and Yolanda.  Make it easier for me and give me a deadline. 


JDayMinis said...

Wow, you are both such amazing women and you are writing a book too, that is terrific and very exciting. Janyce's bedroom is fabulous! Cheers, Jean

Yolanda Holder said...

See you tomorrow Felma...I promise I won't be brutal! love your blog-:)