Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fourth Week In Training - Celebrating Life

It was a beautiful clear morning last week after returning home from training when I looked out the window and saw this gorgeous pink in the mist of trees with bare branches in winter.  I decided to grab my camera, Bee in Bloom....a real peach tree, a real live bee!  How cool is that? 

Cool because I usually start creating dollhouse miniature projects at ten in the evening until about three in the morning.  During this time it's really nice and quiet with the occasional sound of my husband sleeping well, as he calls it, but I call it snoring. One wall of my workshop is adjacent to our bedroom.  Sometimes with a little soft music that inspires my creativity, I may work until sunrise, then sleep until ten or eleven in the morning.  But, now that I'm in training, 'early to bed - early to rise' is my new way of thinking.  Going to bed so early?  What about creativity?  Well, I'm still being very creative and the soft music is still playing, but on the other side of the wall.  How cool is that?! 

Training is getting to be more fun as the weeks go by.  We are still climbing hills and walking faster and faster, but the great feeling I get afterwards surpasses all the sweat, aches and pains I've endured.  I was able to keep up with my grandsons during the week they were visiting and they even discovered that Grandma could be a lot of fun.  We jumped up and down on the bed, went for walks and lots of fun things.  After training last Thursday I was inspired that evening to take my grandson to a local high school basketball game.  He was so excited and so was I.  On Sunday morning I took him for a bike ride and ran to keep up with him.  On Sunday afternoon my boys had to go back home and I still had lots of enery!  Thank you God.

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