Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 27! Dollhouse Miniatures Grandsons and Life Events!

 Where does time go?  It doesn't go backward or does it?  What is good timing and what is bad timing?  Week 27 is here already and I am not ready.  Ready for what?  What would I do differently if I could to back to Week 1?  One thing for sure, keep a journal.  Blogging is great, but since I don't blog every day, many days of my Journey To Celebrating Life can soon become vague memories. 

My two grandsons are spending the week at "Grandma's House" which started yesterday and we are having a blast!  The weather is hot and we don't have a backyard pool so I created one today using a large plastic storage container.  Kids are non judgemental, creative and so much fun.  They thought grandma had made a special little pool just for them, which reminded me of a joke I read.  The comedian said, "I grew up poor, so if there is an economic collapse I'll just feel young again."  I grew up poor too.  Let us pray for economic recovery although it would be nice to feel young again.

Last week I walked almost every day for at least an hour, all uphill.  LOL.  Doctor's orders.  I'm feeling better, although walking my first marathon at the Long Beach Marathon in October is only a dream and thanks to my friend Yolanda aka Walking Diva, who encouraged and walked with me for several weeks to start my journey to celebrating life, walking has become my daily routine.  She also encouraged me to start blogging.  Please click on the Walking Diva link to read Yolanda's encouraging blog about her amazing journey to the Guinness World Record.

Dollhouse Miniatures and creativity.  My creative juices have been flowing for the last few weeks.  I've come up with a new Mark Collection;  Relax After Work wardrobe as shown in the picture above.  Christmas in July is on eBay.  Please take a look at my eBay items by clicking on this link:  http://shop.ebay.com/anyminimore/m.html

When I finished a dress today and took it to show my #1 Critic (Papa), my 4 year old grandson immediately ran to touch the dress and Papa said, "No! Don't touch!"  "Grandma, will you make me a boy dress, please?" he asked.  "Oh, I mean a shirt."  Wallah!  You guessed it, I made a miniature shirt for grandson and a new collection of boy's clothing is running around in my head as I write, waiting to be birthed.

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for your support as I travel this Journey to Celebrate Life.  Today I made a big step and wore a swimsuit in the backyard.  I didn't even care that one breast and arm was bigger than the other.  I had fun with my grandsons.  I've also made progress with the book I'm writing, although I've changed the title a hundred and two times.

 Thank you God! 

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