Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 13! Here Already And I'm Not Ready! Does Time Wait For Anyone?

No, time does not wait for anyone, so to all you beautiful ladies out there, waiting to drop a few pounds before you say, "I do," forget it.  Wedding Gowns can be made in any size, like the beautiful one I made to the left, which is 5 inches tall.

Before week 13 started I was going to step on the scales and proudly announce to my readers my new weight loss!  Well, I couldn't do it.  I could not force myself to get on those scales, although I know I've lost a few pounds judging by the more comfortable fit of my clothes, my blood pressure and diabetes readings, but most of all by the dreamy look in my hubby's eyes, especially when he "accidentally" walks past each time as I'm stepping out of the shower. 

So, I cannot believe time has flown by and now it is week 13.  I have not weighed since the day before I started my journey to Celebrate Living.  I am eager to see how much weight I've lost, but more eager to continue the road to better health. I gained a few pounds during my two weeks of illness.  But, the great thing is that I'm back to walking two/three miles a day.  And tonight I really enjoyed Zumba to the max!

Coming out of the closet is going to help me set new goals.  I imagine my new goals will be;  Don't let weight hold me back from doing the things I love to do.  To eat healthier and keep on walking and Zumba, no matter what, because TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!

Again, thanks to those of you following my blog and keep the encouraging e-mails coming.  Love to all.

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