Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 15! Climbed The Mountain! Stepped on Scales With "No Fear" " I Ate It Up!"

Please click on the link below to listen to Mahalia Jackson w/choir singing the song on youtube that I was humming huffing and puffing up the mountain today.

At week 15 it seems almost ridiculous to ask this question, "Will I make Week 5?"  Look at where I was 10 weeks ago! My photo after finishing week 5,  "Will I make Week 5?  I made it!!!" Challenging yes, but thanks to my hubby who is an excellent motivator, coach and trainer;  The two of us are walking, climbing, becoming closer friends and adding fire to our already hot romance.  He still carries the golf club, but doesn't have to nudge me with it anymore. Starting week 15 we climbed the mountain.  When we returned home he made bacon, eggs, fried potatoes with toast, strawberry jam, blueberries and a glass of orange juice.

While he was making breakfast, I showered and afterwards stepped on my trusty digital scale with "no fear."  I had only lost 10 pounds in 14 weeks!  Was I disappointed?  Honestly, yes.  Did I cry? A little.  But, I didn't boo hoo!  "Zumba will help take off the pounds," I told myself.  I enjoyed my breakfast and thanked my husband.

Why I didn't BOO HOO:  A few days ago I was running and playing soccer at the park with my 18 month old grandson when he saw a kid playing with a smaller ball that looked like his soccer ball and he wanted it.  The kid's mom walked over and said, "Your son is so cute, he looks just like you and if you don't mind he can trade with her for a little while."  She said, your son!  This lady had five kids!  The oldest 12 and youngest 6 months, all by C-section.   And she said, your son!  We talked for awhile about having children as we watched the kids play and she wanted to know if I had my son by natural birth or C-section!  I ate it up!  Which actually means, I doted on every word she said as I felt myself getting fuller and fuller from the joy I was feeling.  Well, you know the story.  Finally, after I felt full enough,  I said, "I'm his grandmother and I just turned 62," we both started laughing and hugging one another and jumping up and down as we hugged.  She said, "The way you were running, kicking that ball and keeping up with him, I thought, surely you had to be his mother!  Oh my God, what are you doing to stay so young?" You know the story, 15 weeks!  I told her my story.  She vowed to climb her mountain.

Again, thanks to all of you following my blog and to those of you that are sending much needed encouraging e-mails.  Please don't stop because it is encouraging to know someone cares about My Journey to Celebrating Life.  Please help motivate me to blog every week for 600 more weeks which equates to about 11 more years.  Then I can start over and go for 11 more years as a survivor.  Then start over, again.

Lord Don't Move The Mountain!  I have had this song in my heart for many, many years and never knew I would physically climb a mountain.  WOW!  Love to All.

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Yolanda Holder said...

Congrats Felma! Keep up the good work:-)