Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 19! Pain, Pain & More Pain! Depressed? Look at The Miniature Doll!

Study this beautiful dollhouse miniature doll in the picture for a moment.  Notice the sad expression on her lovely face. Is she going on a trip?  Nice luggage.  Well, she looks exactly how I've felt all week.  I miss my grandsons and I think I must have pulled a few muscles at the end of week 18.  We finally made it to top of mountain with boys in tow, but I'm still feeling physical pain. 

Depressed?  Grandma is having withdrawal pains after loving it up with my boys for almost a week.  I don't feel like walking or dancing.  I've only walked  one day this week.  I'm sad that Arnold hurt Maria.  I feel her pain.  My heart and prayers are constantly going out to the tornado victims and all the other victims I hear or read about this week.  Misery does love company.  But as of today,  I'm cutting back on watching all the breaking news and I'm leaving my miserable company.  I'll get rid of this pain and get on with my journey to celebrating life! 

Thanks to all of you encouraging me to move forward.  I am really grateful.

Doll by Yolanda Laracunte-Romero.  Elegant hat by Felma.  Luggage unknown.

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