Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Come Out Of The Closet With Me - Celebrate Living Week 8

If you tell me I'm not having fun I will not believe you!  Week 8 was brutal.  Yolanda's calender filled up so my husband had to take over my training for the Disney Half Marathon and he was so happy.  If I thought Yolanda was brutal, I must say he is liking his title too much.  He walks behind me with a golf club in his hand to measure the distance between us and I have to stay ahead of the club.  If I slow down to talk to him he nudges my behind with the golf club to keep moving forward at a fast pace.  Now imagine doing this every day of the week for five miles in which two and a half are uphill.  Is it fun?  Yes.  Is it good for me?  Yes.  When we finish I am ready to go.  Go where?  Go figure.  I think some women really like to be pushed.  Don't go figure.

My hope is that you will come out of the closet with me to celebrate living.  There are things that I have energy to do since coming out, for instance, in the above pictures I was at KTLA 5 Morning News - Live yesterday, the beginning of week 9, with Yolanda as one of her friends and supporters during an interview by one of my favorites, Michaela Pereira.  The LA Marathon is this weekend and I was so happy to be on live television in Hollywood as part of the ongoing celebration.  It was a blast and we had a great time.  They even fed us at the end of our filming!  See the interview on video by clicking on the link below: 


Yolanda Holder said...

I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Jean,
I am proud of you.
Keep up the good work.
I love Zumba also but my knees don't.