Sunday, March 6, 2011

End Of Week Seven - A Second Day Of Adventure!

We went back to  mountains.  This little buddy in the picture to the left was looking at the video of his brother and grandma in the mountains having great fun and adventure.  Looks like he got so angry his eyes started turning to slits, his tongue started to move outside his lips and quickly he jumped down out of his chair, went to the front door and wanted out!  When I opened the door he pointed towards the mountains and said, "Go!"  What could grandma do?  We (Papa went too) went back to the mountains to take him and had lots of fun.  It's really great that grandma is having more fun with grandsons now that she is walking her way to better health.  Thank you God!  Thank you Yolanda!  Thank you Daughter and Son for giving me this great opportunity to enjoy Celebrating Life with my grandsons!  Thank you Papa for supporting me all the way!  Week eight is going to be brutal.  Thanks to all of you for your supporting e-mails!

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