Thursday, November 7, 2013

October Winner 2013 Winner!

Hello to my favorite Blog friends!  We have a winner for October and her name is Ilona!  Roberta, a friend of Ilona is a very shy birdie elf.  She is a couple of  hundred years old and currently lives in The Netherlands and helps out in the house of a very old man.  Although camera shy, she is brave enough to announce into her little microphone the winning comment.   If you listen closely you may be able to hear her.  If not, here it is in writing:  

"Felma, your Halloween scene is beautiful. Your Halloween give away is soooo colorful, I really love bright colors and your dress is gorgeous. The painting of your daughter is wonderful, it fits good in this scene, thank you for sharing.

I would love to participate in your generous give away, so please, count me in. I'll put the link on my blog.
I wish you a good October month :D!
Hugs, Ilona"

Thank you Roberta! You did a great job of announcing.  Please don't be shy.  Let's all give Roberta a big hand of applause.

Now you will certainly want to know more about Roberto and Ilona by visiting  MiniMumLoon  for an inspiring treat.  Ilona is a great multi-talented artist. 

Thank you to all of you who entered this give away.  I love the comments and followers of my blog.  Thank you to all new followers.  You know I really wish everyone could win, but if you see a give away that you are interested in please go for it and you may be the next winner.

Speaking of the next winner, November giveaway is coming soon and I need to finish it before November ends!  October was so much fun celebrating Birthdays including my youngest grandson's which was the most fun of all.  Also, we were fortunate enough to have him stay with us for a few days while his parents were out of town.  Where did October go?  Does anyone know?

My health is great and I am very happy to be healed and there are so many minis in my life that I can't stop going.   Going through my stash, making minis for eBay,  playing with my grandsons and the good fortunes of every day life.  Thank you God for your healing.  Thank you friends for your prayers.

Hope to see you soon for the Novermber give away.  Please keep the comments coming.  You know I love comments so lets give Ilona a congratulations on her win.

Happy Thanksgiving Month!  We have a lot to be Thankful for.   At the top of my list is that My Favorite Daughter is alive after last week when someone opened fire and fatally shot one person and wounded several others at her place of employement.  I pray along with you that this world becomes a better place for all.  

Hugs, Prayers and Love,


Plushpussycat said...

Congratulations to lucky Ilona!!! Thank you for another awesome giveaway, Felma! I'm so glad you are feeling good and that your daughter is safe. xo Jennifer

Drora's minimundo said...

Congratulations to Ilona!
Dear Felma, Good to know that your daughter is safe and you are feeling well. Let's all pray for a safer world with peace between people and nations.
Hugs, Drora

mcddiss said...

felicidades a Ilona, se lleva una autentica joya, me alegro mucho de que tu salud sea tan buena y que hayas disfrutado tanto de tu familia este pasado mes , tambien me alegro de que tu hija saliese ilesa de ese terrible sucesso



Fabiola said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner.
Greetings, Faby

Melli said...

Congratulations to Ilona, thank you Felma!

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Congratulations!! and I will visit your blog IIona

Carolina said...

Enhorabuena a IIona, es una maravilla
Un besin

Ilona said...

Felma, firstly I have to say that I am so happy your daughter is safe, what world do we live in today? Gifts are nice but our health is the great gift and I am so glad to read that you are feeling good :D!
I can't say enough (English) words to thank you for winning this gorgeous give away, I am so excited :D! Also thanks to you, my fellowbloggers, for your congratulations!
Oh, Roberta is so cute and what a wonderful victory to let her speak these words in the microphone, Felma, how did you manage that? Can you believe, she is so shy that she barely speaks a word to me ;)?!
Finally I have to tell you that I can't wait to see your gorgeous prize in real life :D!!
Have a good November month!
Hugs, Ilona

Hannah said...

Congratulations Ilona! Roberto looks great, Ilona is very talented, so are you Felma!
I'm glad to hear you feel good and that you are healed and that your daughter is alive and well after that terrible accident. We don't celebrate Thanks giving in Sweden, but I think its nice to have a day to think of things you are grateful for, we should stop and think about that more often!
Take care!

SusK said...

Hi Felma,

Congratulations Ilona! I love your creations Ilona and Roberta is wonderful.

Felma I'm so glad to hear your daughter is ok after such a traumatic event. God is good to both of you but I pray he looks out for us all in these trying times.


sognatriceabordo said...

Congratulations to the winner! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Complimenti a Ilona! e grazie Felma per questa opportunità e mi fa piacere che ti stia bene.
Un caro saluto, Manu

Isabel García said...

Felicidades a Ilona, y a tí Felma un fuerte abrazo. Te leo, estupenda.

Marisa said...

wow, I can't believe someone opened fire at her job, that's just frightening but I'm glad to hear that she is ok, I think the people who do that are mentally ill and need help. Congrats to Ilona for her win at least there is a bright side to all the maddness.


Eva - tatalamaru said...

Felicitaciones a Ilona, y a ti por gozar de esa excelente salud, disfrútalo y disfruta de la familia maravillosa que tienes. Besos

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Felicidades Llona, has sido muy afortunada, te llevas una preciosidad de regalo. Gracias a ti como siempre por tu generosidad y me alegro mucho que te encuentres tan bien, besos:-)