Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 28! Featuring Jean Day Miniatures

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Jean Day

About Jean Day:

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
 Miniatures has been a full time job for the last 30 years. My wonderful husband John helps so much with our business. I am also an artist, specializing in watercolours and enjoy many fabric arts. B.F.A and B.Ed. John and I both enjoy being on the editorial team of AIM magazine. I really love working on the Gallery, Smaller Scales and formatting. It is a free on line magazine you might enjoy. I keep very busy with gardening too.
When Jean agreed to my request to feature her on my blog this week, I was really excited, but after doing some research I found so many great things about her, I really didn't know where to start writing so I did the simple thing, I asked her to give me some ideas on what to write about and she said, "Just write about what impresses you the most."  Well, that would take months of writing so I will highlight starting with an article featuring Jean in the Dollhouse Miniatures magazine, September 2004, which talks about Jean Day Makes Her Mark In History, where a national museum exhibit showcases her doll making skills.  The exhibit was so successful it ran from March 2000 until September 2003 and was so popular it was extended for six months.  Please click on the link below to see the magazine and read the article along with other great articles:

Jean is also the a member of the AIM Magazine's Editorial Team.  Click on the link to see inside this fantastic miniature lovers magazine:
As we know, pictures are wonderful to help tell a story, therefore, since there is so much of what Jean has done in miniatures over the last 30 years, I'll provide some links for you to click on see what Jean does to enjoy her life with miniatures.

This link will take you to her miniature tutorials:

Yvonne and Janine, French Postcard Photo Scan Digital Download FrA016 This link takes you to her Esty store where lots of beautiful work is displayed for purchase:

What is life without eBay?  Click on this link to see more of her work for purchase. image

Click on this link to see if you are as surprised as I was:

Well, this link tells more about this great lady of miniatures:
If you click on the links I've listed, yes, you will be amazed at what one person can do  with the gift of creativity.  You may also search Google for Jean Day Miniatures to find out more about this extraordinary lady, but be prepared to find about four million results. 
Another thing that impresses me the most, the name Jean is also part of my birth name! 


JDayMinis said...

Oh my goodness, I am so honored, thank you so much!! I love your beautiful photos, blog, dresses and outfits that you create. I love your Jared Collection dress and jacket, exceptional and your grandson photos are so precious!! Thank you again. Mini and Big Hugs, Jean

JDayMinis said...

I also wanted to say thank you for giving people the heads up on AIM magazine. Hugs, Jean