Monday, January 29, 2018

Winner For December!

Ready to ship
Below is dialogue between Gail, the winner and me. And this is one of the reasons I love to blog.
We were attending a class at the NAME Conventio and the Instructor was telling us how to get real  bones. Her cat would bring dead rats and simply drop them on her door step and she would clean and boil, then confiscate the bones. Perfect for scale. I think were making an Adobe.
At that point I really didn't care about how to make an Adobe look real. I wanted to get out! But every time I glanced back at the door for an easy escape, Gail and her Mom were looking at me laughing. I felt so embarrassed and scared because I was sitting at the front of classroom.
After class Gail told me her father had passed away and had beautiful things in his tackle box. She said she could share with me.  The rest is history! Therefore, the mink lives on!  Animal rights people please understand that I am not killing anything and I feel good that the fur is used in a beautiful way. Mostly faux fur is used unless I state otherwise.


I love your Grandson! Mostly because he picked ME!!!

Yes, it is I, Gail from Ohio.
We met at the Anaheim NAME Convention, oh so long ago.

I am so glad you are still squeezing in some time to make dresses.

I'm sorry things have been so challenging for you. You are strong, and I am sure you will persevere as long as you have things you want to get done.

At Anaheim you also met my mom. She passed several years ago, but she, too, would be thrilled you were still creating.
Can't wait to see the dress in person!

Thank you,


    Gail this cannot be you! I am so amazed that this happened. Sorry to hear about your Mom.

     We were in the rat class together and I thought it was so gross and you sent me some of your Dad's fishing fur stuff. I still have some of it. Savoring it. This is so unreal. It is 3 am here and I am still wide awake. This is really a blessing for me to "see" you again. Thank you for letting me know it's you! I don't even know how I ended up here at this site.

    Congratulations on your win. I can't wait to tell my friend Joyce Bernard, The Trunk Lady.

    Hope you are keeping warm and cozy. Let's talk after you get your dress. I can't wait to get it in the mail. I just may have to mention this on my next post.

    Thank you,
    For all of you that didn't win just hang in there and keep the comments coming and one day your name may be pulled from the lucky hat. The next give away will be coming soon.
    Thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate all comments. Gail said she received her "treasure" on Friday and it is so beautiful.
    Hugs, love and prayer from


carmen said...

Que bueno que Gail y tu ya os conocieráis, me alegro de que lo tocara tu vestido. Ese blanco que preparas es una maravilla!

Drora's minimundo said...

Oh, Felma, how nice to be able to communicate with friends and what a nice story it is about Gail.
I'd love to install a new dress on the sidebar of my blog. I enjoy looking at your gorgeous dresses there for everyone to see. Your next one is already stunning.
Sending you love and best wishes,

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Es sorprendente lo que une este pequeño mundo.Felicidades a Gail y gracias a ti por demostrarnos la fuerza del trabajo y tu generosidad.Mis mejores deseos,besos:-)

Isabel Ruiz said...

Me alegro Que Gail haya ganado el regalo y os podáis reecontrar!!!

Marian said...

En España decimos "El mundo es un pañuelo" cuando encontramos situaciones parecidas a la tuya.
Es una alegría que tu vestido este siendo un tesoro para un amigo.
Felicidades a las dos.
El nuevo vestido es bellísimo.
Un fuerte abrazo.