Thursday, May 14, 2015

Something New Is Needed

Hello BLOG friends.  I haven't said hello since March. 
Shame on me!  HELLO TO EVERYONE!
 Lets try to keep our blogs current to encourage and motivate one another.  We need one another.
 I have been doing lots of things like climbing mountain trails, working on miniatures and trying my hand at making something mini that is not a dress. 
 My Give A Way dresses are quite boring now after all these years of giving them away so maybe it is time for a change. 
My life is not exciting enough to keep my mini friends interested in reading about my adventures so I thought I would just take some time and give blogging a break until I come up with something to give away other than dresses.
Hats, purses, shoes, corsets, furniture, flowers, books, food, boy clothes, girl clothes for example.  Anyone interested?
Walking several miles and riding my bike (stationary) has become another hobby instead of just a dreaded exercise to stay healthy.  Now I love it and indulge everyday.  Minis will always  be hobby #1 though.
  Around this time of year Arthur and all his cousins come to visit my bones to see which ones they want to hurt the most.  Then they have their fun.  I am under the weather until they decide to leave.  Any suggestions on how to keep them at bay?
Thanks and Hugs to all.  I really appreciate your comments.  Please keep looking for the next give away.  It just may be something you've always been looking for.


Mini Confessions said...

Glad to see you are back. I think anything you make to give away will brighten anyone's day. BTW, I think the dresses are lovely and not boring. Stay encouraged and tell "Arthur" he is not welcomed and to take a hike. {sending hugs back}

mcddiss said...

Hola Felma
me alegro de que tu ausencia sea por buenos motivos , creo que en ocasiones tambien necesitamos un pequeño descanso de nuestra aficion favorita e interesarnos por otras cosas y asi ampliar horizontes como personas , a mi cualquier cosa que sortees me parecera bien , asi que lanzate a lo que mas te apetezca hacer ,
lo de la familia , siempre es bueno reunirse y disfrutar de ellos ,aunque en el fondo nos resulte agotador
me alegro de haberte leido



Plushpussycat said...

Hi Felma, It's always good to hear from you. I understand about getting busy with other things. I'm trying to come back to my blog, but it is slow going. I'm trying to figure out my next giveaway too. Blogging really is a great way to stay motivated in being creative--I'm just having trouble getting motivated to take the photos, edit them, etc. But I'm getting there! :-) I'm sure people would love any giveaway from you. Your dresses are beautiful, your plants look gorgeous, there are so many possiblities. I'm so glad you're having fun with walking too--it feels great, doesn't it? Take care. xo Jennifer

Drora's minimundo said...

Oh Felma! Just ignore Arthur and keep
mini-making, no important if it's dresses or other things, although I really love, love your gorgeous dresses.
Exercising is good for your bones and keeps your figure in good condition. It's also good for keeping your spirits high.
Hoping to read your posts more often and wishing you the best.
A warm hug,

Hopblogger said...

HEllo Felma! So glad that you are keeping active. I am sure that you are feeling better. I love your dresses and gowns but I sure would not mind having some corsets, shoes, purses etc.. So yes I am interested!! I still would love to have one of your wedding gowns or a precious coat from you.
Your miniatures are gorgeous and are a pleasure to own.
Mini Smiles, Conny

Isabel Ruiz said...

Creo que en el mundo hay mas cosas que las miniaturas y más actividades que nos pueden alegrar el día. Estar con la familia siempre es gratificante.
Por cierto tus vestidos nunca son aburridos. Son la cosa mas bonita y elegante que he visto.

The grandmommy said...

Your followers could NEVER tire of your dresses, but I understand how you may feel.
I don't have a lot of pain from the "itis" brothers (Arther and all of the others)But I have used that green alcohol and it works pretty well. It is available at the Dollar Tree stores.
Here's to your feeling better and more blogging fun!

Hannah said...

Glad to see you back! And to hear that you are trying new things, as long as you are happy, your followers will be too!! I could never get bored of your dresses, they are just magnificent! If you are good at something, why not keep it up?! But if YOU are bored of them, that's something else, you just do what you like, life is too short to bore ourselves. Have fun, and that will show in your work, it will be beautiful, what ever you decide to make!