Monday, January 19, 2015

I just learned how to post pictures to my Blog!

That beautiful Christmas Give Away was shown for a long time. The winner, Mari, has claimed the dress and it is on the mail rail to Spain.  Thank you Mari for your comment and support. 

The next Give Away will be announced as soon as I learn how to find my way around the new stuff associated with my new electronic contraptions.  I pray that my computer never goes out again at year's end.

Thank you for following and thank you for your comments.  Blessings to all.



mcddiss said...

muchisimas gracias a ti , por tu generosidad , estoy deseando tener en mis manos ese precioso vestido.
la verdad es que a veces la tecnologia nos juega malas pasadas , por suerte al final logramos entendernos con ellos



Isabel Ruiz said...

Me alegro que hayas recuperado el ordenar.Estamos tan acostumbrados a usarlo que cuando falla parece que nos falta algo.