Friday, March 9, 2012

March Is Starting With A Bang! Jumped From A Boulder In The Mountains! Pain, Pain, Pain!

March started with excitement and real life bang; I jumped from a boulder in the mountains.  Yes, I fell down and broke...well I didn't really break anything, just tore up my already injured  (torn rotator cuff) shoulder.  Please continue to read about my Sound Mind below. 

 I also received an invitation for an opportunity to get published in one of Dollhouse Miniature's most popular Magazines and I accepted!  Didn't want to blog about the invitation for fear that my submission to the magazine would be rejected.  Why do we  wait until after something is completed to tell anyone?  Fear? 
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of sound mind."2 Timothy 1:7

Please look for me in the June issue of American Miniaturist Magazine to view a parade of some of my Bridal Gowns along with other Artist's gowns and I writing a fun tutorial on how to create a Bridal Gown of your own on a mannequin as shown in the pictures.  The pattern that I am going to use can be used to make a variety of dresses for your own use.  Start your subscription now!  I sell these little cuties on eBay. 

Just finished this beautiful gown yesterday.  The buyer purchased a gorgeous Emerald necklace at a Miniature Show, purchased this fabric and Waa Laa!  "Swirls"

Example of my Sound Mind:

Monday afternoon I jumped from the  boulder, I lost my footing, fell forward on my hands and knees. And, as I lost strength in both arms after feeling and hearing a crackle sound coming from my already injured right shoulder I dropped to the ground and bounced forward on my tummy a few inches.  

Tuesday morning I went to Urgent Care.  X-rays showed no broken bones.  Three weeks ago I had a cortisone shot in the same shoulder to stop pain due to a torn rotator cuff.  The pain went away immediately after the shot!  Three whole weeks pain free!  Felt great!  Although no one was near me,  I was pushed or coaxed into jumping.  Did I hear a "Voice?"  No.  

My conclusion:  God showed me something that interfered with the new route we were going to take our grandson on because when my hubby gently turned me over on my back I looked up at my sweet little boy standing above me carrying a cookie in each hand as he leaned down on both knees, holding his cookies high above his head, he gave me the sweetest little peck on my lips and asked me if I was okay.   Can't carry food into Bear Territory.  I thanked God for the fall.  God protects little children.

Walked about a mile back downhill to get to our vehicle.  The pain was so intense my shoulder was crying too.  Very dramatic!   

Hubby made a makeshift sling to carry my arm in as he threatened to call 911or take me to Emergency.  I screamed, "No, no, no! The healing has already begun!"  I couldn't imagine spending the night in emergency with my 2 year old grandson who kept running over to me hugging my legs as though to express,  "Grandma, Thank you for taking the fall to protect us from the bears!  You are wise with a sound mind."

Growing up I was told I was born an old soul since my parents were in their mid-thirties and I was the youngest child of eight that I looked and acted old.  So, I followed on cue and acted old for as long as I could. Now that my grandsons  have found a connection with my young soul, they want it to come out and play.  How wonderful!  What a Blessing to play miniatures with them and watch them create.
"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise." Proverbs 11:30 
Picture to the right taken about a month ago indicates the boulder (little rock) from which I jumped.  Should I say from which I fell?  No, I JUMPED and lost my balance as I hit the ground hard.
Again, thanks to all of you for reading and a special thanks to those of you who are joined as members.  Love and hugs to all.  Felma


Marisa said...

I've learned that i have to be more careful doing things like that cause Im not as young as I used to be and old bones don't bend like young ones do

you take care of yourself and congrats on your submission

Marisa :)

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Yes we do have to be careful but stay adventurist too you are as young as you feel..I may advice staying way from boulders..I say stay active and enjoy your new lease on life and blessing of good health!! Live life to the fullest..Jesus promiced us life and more abundant. LIVE IT!!! :-)) I am so excited about your dress tutorial and I want to make one too!! Congratualtions Felma!!

Sandra said...

Congratulations on being accepted for publication! You make the most amazing clothing. And keep on being adventurous and letting the child in you play with those adorable grandsons of yours. Yes, Jesus promises protection and abundant life. He just doesn't promise protection if we are silly. So enjoy life and have fun - within your capabilities. And stay fit!
Hugs, Sandie

My Journey To Celebrating Life said...

This e-mail was too close to my heart to not publish! was featured on my blog introducing us to the fairy tutorial. Here is her message to me:

Hi! Ok, I hope your healing fast now and the only thing bruised is an ego. You took a leap of faith. We stumble when we second-guess. Now you have been through so much and I know what a fighter you are. No injury can hold down, my Felma. Let those little boys just hug away the pain, remember to hug them back. We need our shoulder in full working motion. So you have a motive to heal. I was very relieved to know you were not alone at the time and that you did not break any bones. I know bones take longer to heal after 40 and you need to keep up with all your activities and live life to the fullest with your wonderful family. You are still an inspiration to me. Now I want to go on a nature hike- you put me in the mood to enjoy the great outdoors.
hugs- sandy

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Oh the tiny dresses are just so beautiful. The swirl dress is fantastic. I can't wait to see the tutorial in A.M. and you look so lovely..very stunning in your picture at the wedding. Your daughter is very very pretty, handsome husband and sweet cute grandchildren !! What blessings God has bestowed upon you!! Hugs!! Chris

isabel said...

Is a wonderful dress. Congratulations.