Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh No! My Journey To Celebrating Life Is Not Ending! Just Changing Directions...

Making these Jared Collection suits can bring so much joy from taking a simple piece of fabric, like taking a blank canvas and turning it into something beautiful.  It amazes me every time one is completed.  The above painting also amazed me.  I've never had formal painting lessons so when I finished this little painting I thought it was a really nice little job and put it up for sale and my confirmation was that it sold immediately!  

Speaking of cool, it is so hot in my part of the country that training for a marathon is out of the question and when I saw my doctor last week he was not happy that I am training for a marathon, again.  A few years ago when I was training for a Hawaii marathon, I twisted my ankle and ended up on a walking cane.  He gave me a good talking to about my health issues and that I should keep my walking to a max of one hour per day 5 days a week.  So, when I saw him last week for a routine visit I was not going to tell him about training again for my first marathon.  My mistake,  hubby went with me. And there was a communications breakdown.  My test for diabetes was higher than we expected it to be so the conversation went something like this, "Are you exercising?" asked my doctor.  My husband was so proud he quickly responded, "Oh yes, I'm training her to walk a marathon in October."  I just sat on the the edge of the exam table giving hubby the I can't believe you said that surprised look.  My answer was simply going to be "Yes." period!  Anyway, my doctor gave me the I can't believe you are doing this surprised look.  Then I went into my mumble jumble of "what other people are doing and the challenges/obstacles they are overcoming by walking marathons" and my doctor of 11 years said,
 "My dear Felma, you were born an original, please don't die a copy."

Thanks again for all of your supportive e-mails and for reading my blog.  Please keep reading.  Sometimes I post very interesting miniatures and tell great stories. 

Miniature curtains, sofa, pillow and floral arragnements made by Felma. 

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